Friday, December 12, 2014

I Will Always Miss London

Every now and then me hace mucha falta Londres (I miss London). You may not know this but I lived in London in my early twenties. I had the time of my life. I made the most amazing life long amigos (friends) and I truly fell in love with the city.  Our flat was right in central London, off of Oxford Street, literally up the street from Topshop and Selfridges and Covent Garden, Ughhh Perfection. The flat itself, was... hmmm how would I say, not fancy! Pero (But), that didn't matter because some girls in the most amazing gorgeous flat upstairs became my hunnies. Rima and Katie, man did we have great times? Class, party, shop, travel, in no particular order :) to be young and free. 

I am blessed to still be young (LOL), free and live an amazing life, but my years in London will always be very special. My whole ensemble this day brought me back to the UK. The paperboy hat and collegiate blazer in Navy, English staples for sure.

All great memories. Un tiempo muy especial en my corazon (A very special time in my heart).

Style tip: When you are busty like I am, I make sure to create dimensions. Meaning, I married this longer dress/top with a blazer so it doesn't give me that extra fabric look (almost like a baby doll). The blazer cuts the dress right at my hips to create a tighter "figural" appearance. Sometimes with large breasts, you can look a lot bigger then you actually are and since I'm not a fan of super form fitting clothes, I like to create dimensions, usually by layering or accessorizing with a piece like a scarf. Above all, Always have fun.  

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