Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We're Back

Sometimes in Life you have to shut down and Reboot.  So I did! 

I know that all things happen as a part of my personal journey. Above all I remain Faithful. 
That being said.....

And She has a Nuevo (New) look. And by She, I mean ME. 
She is embracing a cleaner more modern look without losing the Chachera in her. 
Vamos (We will) a explore estilos (styles), some vlogging, music and lots of cositas (stuff)

Thank you to Evamarie (The BFF) and Memoli. You girls are my Dream Team. 

I hope you Enjoy. 

Detalles (Details): 
Jeans and shoes - Zara (My closet), Vest - H&M (My closet), Flasses - Cole Haan (My closet) and by "My closet" I mean... who the heck knows when I got it. (Jaja)

Rocio Roxy

"Don't Cry because it's over, 

Smile because it Happened." 

- Dr. Seuss

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