Thursday, September 6, 2012

50% off on Delicate Raymond

Ohh this is a deal! My girl Michelle at Delicate Raymond has lost her mind.  
You know all the monogrammed pieces I rock and you all Love? 
Well Michelle at Delicate Raymond makes them and is having a huge sale.  
YES MUJERES!  Get on it NOW.

In honor of Fashion Night Out, 
ALL of the items on the site are 50% off for a 24 hour sale. 
INSANITY. Make sure you check it out.

Channeling my Inner Pilgrim

Hello My RoxStars! 
When I first started blogging, I said to myself, another fashion blog? Pero (but) why? For what?
I blog in Spanglish because that is how I live. That is how most new generation Latinos live actually.  I figure, I can't sing (I think I can, no one else seems to agree), I am not a professional dancer (but I will drop it like its hot at the club. My sister thinks we would have been a dance duo from the heavens...WRONG), but one talent I can own is an eye for estilo (style)! 

 Days like today make it all worth it. 
I absolutely love and thrive off of sending you guys tips and advice on what color shoes go with your birthday dress? Y (And) advising you on how to rock those old jeans that you can soooo totally make new again.  THANK YOU ladies. Your kind emails keep me going. 

So to all of you ROXSTARS, I say, ROX ON! Keep those emails a-comin...