Friday, August 31, 2012

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Will you Tune in?

With Jennifer Lopez off of American Idol, will you still watch?  Rumor has it Nikki Minaj will be joining Mariah Carey, if that is true, that will be bien interesante (real interesting).  Two real Divas, one stage, hmmmm...

None the less, I don't think I will be tuning in (as much). Honestamente (honestly) much of the reason for me watching, was because Jennifer would be on.

I believe this American Idol exposure allowed la gente (the people) to get to know her just a little more. Ok, so we didn't get to know her, per say, because odviously she is a MEGA super star, she was only a figure on our televisions, but you know what I mean.  Me senti (I felt) as if she allowed us to she her in her element. Her persona. Her genuine love and concern for these contestants. Her passion and great advice. And lets not forget those amazing outfits, astounding SHOES and of course killer performances. A true Fly Girl.
Now that she is gone, I just don't know.

As Latina's we already don't have many Latina's to look up to in the media. Just seeing Jenny gave me a sense of pride and hope.  Latina or not, to see a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman doing her thang is inspiring no matter what ethnicity you are.

Will you Tune in?


Float Away

This summer has been so amazing. Even though I had a horrible allergic reaction on my last day in France, sobre todo (overall) the summer has been super espectacular (spectacular).  You can't really see it in these fotos pero (pictures but) I had hives all over my body. 

None the less, God is Good and I am alive and well. 
Though I wore this zesty get up to work, it can easily translate to a night time look.  
Perfecto for a casual dinner with friends or the man! 

Don'you just love this little denim jacket? It was only about 60 bucks (I forget exactly how much) at Zara.  Its a perfect finishing piece.  Que (what) pieces do you have in your closet that are just perfect? Fill me in. 
Dime (Tell) me how you wear those. 

(Celine bag w/ fox tail (both purchased in France), F21 flowy skirt, Zara jacket and heels.)