Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day and Night - St. Tropez

In my younger days, I was a dare devil.  I still think I am, but my body does not agree.  Though I will try just about anything, I am much more cautious now. BUT, jetskiing in the middle of French Aguas (waters) was not an opportunity I was going to give up. Lets GO!

And the Night hit.  Off we were the the Famous V.I.P. Club in St. Troez.  What a night. 

Zara skirt and jacket. H&M tanks, Jessica SImpson wedges. 

Yeah, that is the V.I.P Mascot. Europeans do their own thang. :)


La Ultima Noche en Canne

I absolutely adore this girl.  Elisa was my wingwoman through the French coast.  
Su estilo (her style) is so effortless rocker chic.  She is young, fly and has a serious eye.  
Watch out for this young lady fashion world. 

High meets Low.  
On me: Forever 21 one piece with Jessica Simpson wedges.  
On Elisa: Shoes by Celine.  These are Muy Caliente (VERY HOT)

How fly are these? 
The platform is leather while the shoe is suede. CHIC! 

Mi Pelo (My Hair): Always Miss Jessie's Quick Curl Cream 


"If youth knew; if age could." - Sigmund Freud