Monday, August 6, 2012

Monte Carlo

Detalles (details): H&M top and crochet shorts, Cole Haan frames and crossbody, hand braided leather sandals from Brazil. 

SPOTTED: Mr. Robinson and Mr. Magic Johnson, doing what they do best.  
Plotting on how to take over the world. 

Me and Cookie. Always styling. Always on point.  
Those Fab paisley print black and white jeans are CJ by Cookie Johnson. BAM. 
That Birkin along with the 3 others she rocked, drive me to WORK HARD. 
One Day Cook! One Day! :)

Elisa tan bella (such a beauty), stealing Mom's Birkin bag. 
One day soon baby girl, you too will arrive. (Inside joke!)

Love these two!!


Chris Brown and Canne.

I mean really... Insanity can define my journey throughout France.  Primero (first) we meet up with Rihanna in St. Tropez and then Canne happens.

We stroll through Canne. Run into Paris Hilton at Chanel and then stroll into the Martinez and run into Chris Brown and Swiss.  LOL. Just kidding. 

Paris loved my "Gorgeous Dress." Inside I chuckled and said 
"HAHA if only you knew. $20 Forever 21."

Long story short, My friend Mike B. is a stylist to the stars.  Those stars include Chris Brown, Swiss and Luda in France shooting Swiss' music video for "Dance like a White Girl." 
Si (Yes), aha.  You read that correct.  So, we decided to go pay Mike B and the boys a visit after some afternoon shopping in Canne.  

None the less. Fun day. 

Digan lo que digan de este hombre (People can say what they want about this man), my encounter with him was sweet, funny and very chill.  Before our pic I said, "Chris. I know I am NOT Magic, but I need you to be just as excited!" His response... 
Straight Cheese smile.  Love it.  Such a cutie pie. 

Chris and Swiss were so excited to meet Magic.  They seemed so humbled. #Awesome. 

Our journey back to the pier. 

El Look de el Dia (The Look of the Day).

Dress: F21, Vest: Gap (I made it a vest), Vintage belt, Steve Madden flats via DSW, Celine bag. 

Steve Madden meet Celine. Celine be nice! 

A perfect sunset on a pretty Perfect Dia (day)