Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Amadeus

Total of 6 levels.  
18 staff members (on the boat at all times), 2 chefs, 6 bedrooms, elevator, movie theater, 3 living areas, gym, dining hall and much much more. 

So our course,  we had to go and adventure through The Amadeus and see the labor of love behind this Queen of the Seas.

Being that Bernard Arnault owns LVMH, Givency, DIOR and so on, all of our dishware, sheets, towels, soaps, etc... were Dior.  I loved it. 

These plates are hand painted and were specifically made for The Amadeus.

The amazing staff. 

Hasta la proxima (Until next time).


French Noches- Canne

Las noches (the nights) varied from straight movie and chill to 1AM boat departures to the best clubs in the whatever city we were in.  By far, Club Palais in Canne was the absolute mejor (best).  Julis (the handsome red head) took such great care of nosotros (us). A true gem.  

Honestly, I have not been to a nightclub in NYC in over 3 years (easily) but I have a soft spot for noches en Europa (nights in Europe).  When I lived in the UK (I was  spring chicken at the age of 21) we partied every single night.  EVERY single night! My body had no problem partying until 5AM, stopping for a Kebab, taking a nap and then going straight to class at 9 AM.  
OHH how things have changed. 

All in all, worth it.  

Magnum bottles of Dom.  Lovely for a photo opp, considering the two grown folks dont drink. But we can sip. LOL. 

Jason Derulo. 

Detalles (Details): Peplum top from H&M, Zara boy ripped jeans and Sole Society shoes. 


Blanco Y Negro

Oh How I miss my fresh fruit on the sea. #Motivation. Work Hard to Play Harder. 

As you may or may not know, I have the hardest time finding certain wardrobe pieces due to having a large top and a small bottom.  To many it would be a dream, to me...Not so much.   

Bikini's are a NIGHTMARE.  Yes un mal sueno (a straight nightmare). About 2 weeks before we left I actually found a bikini top that fit from H&M ($7).  Of course the bottoms were too big or NOT cute, so I mixed brands (Polka Dot bottoms by PINK for Victoria Secret), 
estilo (styles) and prints. Turns out, I really ended up loving the combo. 
BAM blanco y negro (black and white) was born. 

And of course. Mr. Robinson, My Rock.  Viviendo la Vida (Living Life).