Friday, November 9, 2012

These Shoes were Made for Voting

Nuestro Presidente (Our President), Barack Obama, fue electo (was elected) for a second term on Tuesday, November 7, 2012 and I couldn't be happier. I marched my way over to my polling center on 134th Street, waited in line while I played solitaire and filled in my little Obama/Biden bubble con felicidad en mi corazon (with JOY in my heart). For me, it's not about black or white, republicano o democrata. It's about lo mejor para mi (what's best for me). The better of the two candidates. It's about mi hermana (my sister) being able to have health care while she pursues her dreams as a freelance artist. It's about promoting Paz como una nacion (Peace as a nation) for the first time since the Bush administration. It's about the middle class. It's about my thoughts, beliefs and body being protected and acknowledged como mujer (as a woman). And so on and so on. 

With much respect to any opinions, Mi Candidato Gano (MY CANDIDATE WON) and I couldn't be happier. People in Harlem were cheering from their cars and balconies.  Our unspecified shouts were immediately acknowledged by each other. It's as if we were yelling with relief. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA! 

Now that our President Obama won a second term, it's our turn to pray for him and his family. Support them by being good Americans to one another every day, all day, not only during a Hurricane. The key to a better tomorrow lies within each and every one of us. 
One vote, one voice, does count.  

Detalles: Lulu's Dots Amore sweater, Gap yellow oxford and capri pants, Nine West Cesena blue suede wedges.


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