Monday, October 15, 2012

Time does not Stop

We went to California last week for a muy especial (very special) 80th birthday. 
When you attend an event like this, it forces you to put your entire life in perspective. Will I be blessed with 80 years of life? Who will be there by my side? Will it be mis amigas (my friends) of today? Who will be around to show me love?

Despues (After) all of the amazing food, there was the most beautiful slide show. We got the chance to see Jack throughout the years, literally from birth, with toda la gente (all the people) who love him.  It was so emotional for me and all it did as remind me that Time does not Stop. No matter what you are going through, no matter where en tu vida (in your life) you are, Life goes on. 

Be yourself. Live to Love. Be good to you. Be good to others. No one is perfect, but the genuine intentions of your corazon (heart) should be what counts. 


I wanted to wear something that filled several buckets for Jack's 80th birthday. Classy, Golf Club Bday appropriate (LOL), not too formal and true to me. Bammm..this outfit was born. 
I felt fresh, young and sexy yet very appopriate.

Detalles: Forever 21 top and flowy skirt, Steve Madden shoes, C. Wonder earrings, Neckpiece from Banana Republic circa 2010.

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