Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sheep and the City

Hola Mis RoxStars-
Somehow my blog got hacked last week (why do people do that) but it's now all fixed. Thanks to TheRoxyReport.com's Creative Director, my BFF, Evamarie of ManicInspiration. Thanks for being patient. 

Y ahora seguimos (And now, we continue), I can't even express the amount of love I feel for my niece. I can only imagine how amazing it will feel when (if the Lord blesses me) I have my own. She is growing so fast. Ahora si que entiendo (I now understand) the true meaning of, grow like a sprout. Sabes, los bebes siempre (You know, babies always) show you how fast life goes by. Josephine Sky just celebrated her 1st Birthday and it seems like I just annouced her birth. 

She is such a little munchkin, tons of work, but so much more sunshine.
Babies are a real full time job and Kudos to mi hermana (my sister) Jessica for doing an amazing job. She's a RoxStar. 

We went to Bryant Park last week and Jojo got to stroll the park, ride the caroussel and the highlight, SHEEP AND THE CITY. SCRATCHHHHHHH (Rewind that!) Yup, SHEEP. Don't you just love the Fashion District? Donde (Where) Bryant Park goes from hosting the most prestigious Fashion Shows, to hosting a flock of wooly Sheep. A real livestock took over the famous green space for the (dia) day.
The thirty sheep were brought in to launch the Campaign for Wool, an effort by Prince Charles to promote the wool industry in the United States. Pretty cool, huh? 

The Report: Prep meets Dots. I am loving Dots these days. Go for it. 
Layering this Gap Oxford under a silk Forever 21 top, not the most odvious mix, but it worked. Otros (Other) dets: Gap pants, Cole Haan reflective loafers, Asos.com leaopard belt.


“Life is not measured by the # of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.."

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