Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick clips

Mujeres! RoxStars!

Today's lesson on Life: 
Life is filled with ups and downs. Some People will hurt you and some will help heal you. The way I see things es asi (is like this), no cambies quien tu eres para nadie (don't change who you are for anyone). Be true to you, always.  Be a good friend, sister, lover, daughter, mother, no matter what. It's better to be hurt by love, then to not know love at all. I'd much rather be like Me. I am beyond thankful for the many types of Love in my life. Love that I give and Love that I receive. El Senor nunca me a dejado (The Lord has never left me).

As Ruben Blades said  "La Vida nos da sorpresas, sorpresas nos da la vida. Ay Dios." (Life will give you surprises, oh Surprises LIfe will give you. Oh God.)

Today's Lesson on eyeing a Deal: 
Now onto my RockStar Old Navy jeans. I work around tons and tons of great stores and shops. Que problema (what a problem), I stay away as much as I can, pero (but) not this time.

My Amazing baby polka dot RockStar jeans journey goes a little something like this... (insert DJ scratch here...)
I am really into military/camo styles right now and can't seem to find a jacket/ camisa (shirt) that I am in love with.  I bought one at Zara, but wasn't feeling it, so...RETURN it went. (Aha, I am the return queen.) As I am reading my daily blogs I came across the perfect camo shirt on one of my favorite bloggers sites, Delmy of Fashion Bananas.  She mentioned it was from Old Navy, so when I got a chance I walked myself over to the Old Navy (it's literally across the street. No, LITERALLY.) I get there, and of course, no camo shirt.  Wahhhh. None the less, they were having a sale on all jeans, $19.  Si (Yes) 19 Bucks, originally $35. They have sooo many colores y estilos pero estos (colors and styles but these) red beauties caught my eye and became a Must Have. In addition to a few others...lol.  A deal, is a deal.

The sale is still going on, so make your way to Old Navy NOW.

PS: I took Zumba after work, so I had to take my own blog pics with my iphone. Not bad huh? 

Detalles: Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Madewell leopard pumps (different color, same style here  OR similar pump, really cute), F21 top, H&M metal collar, C Wonder Bling stud earrings.



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Gracias (Thank you) for your comment on TheRoxyReport. I will respond as soon as I get a chance. Til then, Make your day full of Estilo (Style).