Monday, October 15, 2012

Time does not Stop

We went to California last week for a muy especial (very special) 80th birthday. 
When you attend an event like this, it forces you to put your entire life in perspective. Will I be blessed with 80 years of life? Who will be there by my side? Will it be mis amigas (my friends) of today? Who will be around to show me love?

Despues (After) all of the amazing food, there was the most beautiful slide show. We got the chance to see Jack throughout the years, literally from birth, with toda la gente (all the people) who love him.  It was so emotional for me and all it did as remind me that Time does not Stop. No matter what you are going through, no matter where en tu vida (in your life) you are, Life goes on. 

Be yourself. Live to Love. Be good to you. Be good to others. No one is perfect, but the genuine intentions of your corazon (heart) should be what counts. 


I wanted to wear something that filled several buckets for Jack's 80th birthday. Classy, Golf Club Bday appropriate (LOL), not too formal and true to me. Bammm..this outfit was born. 
I felt fresh, young and sexy yet very appopriate.

Detalles: Forever 21 top and flowy skirt, Steve Madden shoes, C. Wonder earrings, Neckpiece from Banana Republic circa 2010.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Totally forgot about this post, but in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) and just because its JENNIFER, I thought I would post this.

A few weeks back, I was contacted by the Katie Couric show (thanks Ricardo) producers.  They were looking for people who have been influenced by Jennifer Lopez and Duh that would be me. A couple of days later, I'm front row at the new Katie Couric Show.  New York is pretty spectacular! I mean, who starts their day by chatting with Jennifer Lopez at the new Katie Show? Who does that? I do that! 

Me sente (I sat) and was in awwww the entire interview. Katie is actually extremely personable and Jennifer.... Ohhh como la amo (how I love her).  She literally is mi favorita (my favorite).

Her energy seemed so genuine and her passion, desire and work ethic oozes out of her. I mean really, you can feel how bad she wants everything she has achieved. You can't help but to be motivated by her. Good interview overall. 

There was a surprise performace by Katie and Jennifer's boo, Casper, so when she sat one seat away from me, I went in for the kill...Por favor note (Please note) I have met Jennifer Lopez several times in the past, pero (but) no conversation. This time, I started my conversation by complimenting her lip color (which I did genuinely love! That nude is FIRE). It was Scott Barnes, of course (who I love, but no longer has a make up line). She said it was from a secret stash! SHHH. We went on to talk about my sister and the baby (Jessica danced for Jennifer several times). AHHHHH I DIE! Anywho...back to reality. 

So, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and one of the most amazing Famous Latina's I know...Enjoy these clips.

The Report: This day was long, Katie Show, Work, Meetings, Bday Dinner, but my Cole Haan Chelsea Pumps got me through. Married with my Zara cheeleader skirt and Forever 21 top. I wanted to stand out on TV, but I never thought I would be in the front row.  
It worked out perfectly. 


“The journey is the reward” TAO SAYING

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sheep and the City

Hola Mis RoxStars-
Somehow my blog got hacked last week (why do people do that) but it's now all fixed. Thanks to's Creative Director, my BFF, Evamarie of ManicInspiration. Thanks for being patient. 

Y ahora seguimos (And now, we continue), I can't even express the amount of love I feel for my niece. I can only imagine how amazing it will feel when (if the Lord blesses me) I have my own. She is growing so fast. Ahora si que entiendo (I now understand) the true meaning of, grow like a sprout. Sabes, los bebes siempre (You know, babies always) show you how fast life goes by. Josephine Sky just celebrated her 1st Birthday and it seems like I just annouced her birth. 

She is such a little munchkin, tons of work, but so much more sunshine.
Babies are a real full time job and Kudos to mi hermana (my sister) Jessica for doing an amazing job. She's a RoxStar. 

We went to Bryant Park last week and Jojo got to stroll the park, ride the caroussel and the highlight, SHEEP AND THE CITY. SCRATCHHHHHHH (Rewind that!) Yup, SHEEP. Don't you just love the Fashion District? Donde (Where) Bryant Park goes from hosting the most prestigious Fashion Shows, to hosting a flock of wooly Sheep. A real livestock took over the famous green space for the (dia) day.
The thirty sheep were brought in to launch the Campaign for Wool, an effort by Prince Charles to promote the wool industry in the United States. Pretty cool, huh? 

The Report: Prep meets Dots. I am loving Dots these days. Go for it. 
Layering this Gap Oxford under a silk Forever 21 top, not the most odvious mix, but it worked. Otros (Other) dets: Gap pants, Cole Haan reflective loafers, leaopard belt.


“Life is not measured by the # of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.."

Monday, October 8, 2012

CLICK CLICK Bye Bye Summer

Summer is officially over. I kept trying to hold on to it for a while, pero (but) it's been a solid week of rain and chilly chills, so I am throwing in the white flag. 
In honor of the Summer of 2012...Pink woode Zara wedges (circa 2010).

Check out me and my homeslice Toya, holding on tight to our summer footswag. We had lunch and despues (after) I went to her FAB NEW amazing office over at CLICK where she is making all things "the modeling world" happen. Work mama. 


“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” - Mae West

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Blog?

In a world where there are tons and tons of bloggers, I sometimes wonder why I blog? There are sooo many fashion bloggers, so what makes me so diferente (different). What sparks me to keep posting and writing? Que es lo que les gusta tanto a ustedes (And what is it that you guys love so much), what makes you come back?

After some reflection, I realized that though my blog is predominately about attainable fashions, what I wore, travel journeys and style tips, I also like to think that I inspire in one way or another. Soy orgullosa de ser una Latina que es parte la generacion que habla en Espanol y en Ingles a la misma ves (I am proud to be a Latina of this generation that speaks in English and in Spanish, at the same time), hence the Spanglish style blogging.  I believe in God, in goodness, in love, in treating people the way you want to be treated, in believing in yourself above all things and in never ever giving up, ever. 
I am living proof that when you are told you can't, you actually can. 

To quote my boo, Adrienne Bailon, "I am a Puerto RiCAN not a Puerto RiCANT." 
(And Peruvian. LOL)

Life Lesson of the Day: 
A los 6 o 7 anos (At the age of 6 or 7), I was told I would never be able to swim. I went home and cried and cried. How was I going to enjoy summer camp, if I could't enjoy the pool? I went back the next day motivated to learn. I wanted to learn anything about being able to simple stay above water. Doggie paddle. Floating. Whatever. After trying and trying, again and again, I perfected the side stroke and then took on the back stroke and so on. 

After becoming a Mermaid, si, como Splash (Yes like Splash). I ended up being on the high school swim team and getting a job lifeguarding throughout my high school and college careers.

Now as an adult, I wonder, what if I would have listened to those "you will nevers" or "you cant's"? What then?  Would my heart ever have known how much it Loves and Needs the water? The beach, pools, lakes, water sports and anything that requires "staying afloat"?

In life, like in the water, the ability to stay afloat starts with the desire to Live. 
Keep doggie paddling my lil RoxStars.  

Now to what I love and know, Fashion. 
We went to dinner with my good friend Jackie not too long ago.  She is my NYC go to mature mind. One of the classiest, trendiest and sweetest women I know.  Durante (During) dinner she reminded me of how much she loved my blog, my style and how she looks forward to getting emails with post updates. She has no idea that what she did in that moment was spark a flame under my a$$.  Her words, as many of your words/ emails have done from time to time, reminded me that I deserve to be here. I am good at what I do. I have worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years not only because I love it, but because I am good at it.  

I can't sing like Adele or bailar como (dance like) Jlo (well, that depends on what song is playing, LOL), but I CAN help them both find amazing looks for street and stage. 

Your talents are what you make them, don't let anyone define them for you. 

Detalles: F21 jeans circa 2009 and Zebra top, Cole Haan strappy's, handbag and sunnies, H&M collar, C Wonder earrings.

I love this woman so much. Where is Jackie's Fab collar from you may ask? Anthroplogie.