Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hola My RoxStars!!

With Fashion Week in Full Swing, decide dar les un (I decided to give you a) look at what I am loving for Fall. Though I do believe style is time less, there are key trends that last a season or two. The below fall into both buckets for me, as I strongly believe I will rock these babies for some time to come. LOL. I mean really, KKa-ute is KKa-ute, no matter what the people say.  FIGHT THE SYSTEM. 

1) Printed pantalones (pants).  
From houndstooth, to paisley, to brights, prints are huge this fall on pants and across the board, really. 

2020Ave $42.99
Asos $68.12
Asos $60
Zara.com $59
Asos $69

2) T-strap heels.  
From the Runway to the "Real"way, these vintage very femme styled heels are making a huge come back. Personally, I think an ankle strap always adds a little "sexy," not to mention the fact that it makes your piernas (legs) look super largas (long), which is always a good thing. 
Aldo $49
Bakers $50

Manolo Blahnik  $815

3) Fashion Collars
How KKa-ute? I have a feeling these collars are here to stay. Who needs a necklace when you have these neck accents? Delish right?
(Forever 21 and Asos

4) Ankle Boots. 

I must admit, these have always been a little difficult for me to wear. Something about them reads very juvenile. That being said, this season I have seen tons of super kka-ute ones that I am sure I can style out proper. LOL. 

Cole Haan "Cassidy Bootie" $268
Asos $256

F21 $24

Zara $99

5) Peplum, Peplum and More Peplum.
So, if you haven't come across a peplum top or dress, then you have been living under a big huge piedra (ROCK). OK OK Just kidding, but no seriously. HELLO!  Peplum is everywhere and I must say, I love this trend. Pure Perfection. You have seen me rock a few peplum looks and a few more are to come this week. This cut gives such a perfect Coca-Cola bottle shape (yeah you know, the vintage one!)  Try it!

Those are my top 5.  What are yours?

I love everything about Fall Fashions, the layers, the styles, the shapes and the ability to rock it all.  I will miss the summer weather, but bring it on Mother Nature.  This closet is busting and ready for the chill.


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