Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peplum Pride

Hola My Little RoxStars!!!
As you know, Peplum has become a huge trend this season and I absolutely love Peplum shapes. 
They are beyond flattering. Even if you are thin, we all get that right after dinner belly and estos (these) peplum cuts help us free our bellies. LOL. 
We are in the middle of a sale at my company so my day's vary, but esta dia (this day) I was in outside office meetings all day and with the beautiful weather, I was happy to fulfill my duties. 

Este look (This look) made me feel casually elegant, crisp and fresh. White pants tend to have this affect on me, don't they? Really, cuando (when) you wear pantalones blanco (white pants) you kinda gotta stay fresh and crisp, because it is just NOT CUTE to rock dirty white pants, I mean come on. Not to mention, white pants that are turning yellow. Boo, just let it go and get a new pair. Bleach is no bueno for white.

#1 Your white must be clean.
#2 There are no other rules. 
Yes you can wear white any time de el ano (of the year), as long as it's what? 

Now pop that collar and WERRRKKK mi chiquita's.

Detalles: Steve Madden heels, Gap white boyfriend pants (circa 2009), H&M top and necklace, F21 earring and Sunnies


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Channeling my Inner Bun Head

Buns are all the rave these days, pero me da mucha risa (but it's funny) because I been, like many latinas, rockin a bun since before high school days.  Baby hairs and buns was the thing back then.  It's kinda like bamboo earrings and name plate necklaces.  LL Cool J sang about "at least two pairs" and they were considered a hood trademark, but Sarah Jessica Parker wears a "Carrie" necklace in Sex and the City and all of a sudden it's a movement.  
Mi (My) "Rocio" necklace is so darn viejo (old) that I have no clue where it is.  Actually, I think my first boyfriend (damnnnn long time ago) may still have it, since he rocked it hard core through the hallways.   

Anywho, Buns and name plates, I will give thanks to the hood for those, no SATC nor today's hollywood chicas can that from us. (Wink!)

Detalles: F21 Polka Dot top, Madewell heels, AE cargo pants (circa 2008). Bun, courtesy of me. 

Want to be a bunhead? Here are some easy steps from YourBeautySpot.com.

Step one
Turn your head upside down and flip all your hair over your face and toward the floor. Start by sweeping your hair onto the top of your head and fasten into a ponytail. The ponytail can either sit on the centre of your head or for a fun, flirtier take on the trend, position it just off centre.
Top tip: Don't bother making it neat because the added texture makes it easier to work with.
Step two
Sweep hair with your fingers and visually place it into your preferred tight top knot look by coiling the hair around.
Step three
Once the hair is where you want it, take a few pins and place loosely underneath the hair to fasten into place. For a tight and secure hold, tie off with a long non-slip Sc√ľnci hair band, so fine hairs stay in place and there are no fallout loose ends.
Step four
Complete the look by spraying a light-hold hairspray over the knot. This will keep flyaways in place and create a chic polished finished 'do.
For those who have super-thick locks that just can't twist into the pinnacle knot, try a more playful take on the trend. Walk around with your head in the clouds with a thicker textured bun.
Get this look by tying hair into a high ponytail and then pin your lengths around a doughnut ring (available from chemists). Finish off with a mist of hairspray and voila! You're off with a knotty cloud-nine hairstyle that will have everyone asking how you twisted it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whowling at La Luna

If you could be any animal, which would you chose?
Can you guess el mio (mine)

Detalles: Forever 21 Wolf top, Steve Madden Shoes, Gap pants. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

Collared Magic

How much do we love this trend collar? I nambed it at a small shop at the mall for like $6. 

End Scene. 

Besitos, Rox

Friday, September 7, 2012

We Own the Night

Had about 7 minutes exacto (exact) to get ready for this last minute Al Sharpton CNBC event.  

I give you...7 minutes and BAM. 
This is a perfect ejemplo (example) of why a LBD (Little BLack Dress) is ESSENTIAL in every ladies wardrobe. I grabbed the dress, added this FAB H&M gold trend collar, topped it off with black heels and a knuckle clutch (a la McQueen, though never to be duplicated) we purchased in Monaco. 
And aqui tienes (here you have) 7 minutes and BAM.

Click "Read More" para detalles

Thursday, September 6, 2012

50% off on Delicate Raymond

Ohh this is a deal! My girl Michelle at Delicate Raymond has lost her mind.  
You know all the monogrammed pieces I rock and you all Love? 
Well Michelle at Delicate Raymond makes them and is having a huge sale.  
YES MUJERES!  Get on it NOW.

In honor of Fashion Night Out, 
ALL of the items on the site are 50% off for a 24 hour sale. 
INSANITY. Make sure you check it out.

Channeling my Inner Pilgrim

Hello My RoxStars! 
When I first started blogging, I said to myself, another fashion blog? Pero (but) why? For what?
I blog in Spanglish because that is how I live. That is how most new generation Latinos live actually.  I figure, I can't sing (I think I can, no one else seems to agree), I am not a professional dancer (but I will drop it like its hot at the club. My sister thinks we would have been a dance duo from the heavens...WRONG), but one talent I can own is an eye for estilo (style)! 

 Days like today make it all worth it. 
I absolutely love and thrive off of sending you guys tips and advice on what color shoes go with your birthday dress? Y (And) advising you on how to rock those old jeans that you can soooo totally make new again.  THANK YOU ladies. Your kind emails keep me going. 

So to all of you ROXSTARS, I say, ROX ON! Keep those emails a-comin...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What a Deal...

Hello My RoxStars.
Ahhh! How great does an awesome purchase feel? Amazing! 
I purchased these FAB sandals in Monaco. 35 Euros. YUP YUP! And made in Italy. Those are the luxuries of shopping in Europe. You get quality items at some really great price points. 

Este look me enchanta (I love this look).  Casual cool is always fun and super comfy.  

Click "Read More" for all outfit details

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hola My RoxStars!!

With Fashion Week in Full Swing, decide dar les un (I decided to give you a) look at what I am loving for Fall. Though I do believe style is time less, there are key trends that last a season or two. The below fall into both buckets for me, as I strongly believe I will rock these babies for some time to come. LOL. I mean really, KKa-ute is KKa-ute, no matter what the people say.  FIGHT THE SYSTEM. 

1) Printed pantalones (pants).  
From houndstooth, to paisley, to brights, prints are huge this fall on pants and across the board, really. 

2020Ave $42.99
Asos $68.12
Asos $60
Zara.com $59
Asos $69

2) T-strap heels.  
From the Runway to the "Real"way, these vintage very femme styled heels are making a huge come back. Personally, I think an ankle strap always adds a little "sexy," not to mention the fact that it makes your piernas (legs) look super largas (long), which is always a good thing. 
Aldo $49
Bakers $50

Manolo Blahnik  $815

3) Fashion Collars
How KKa-ute? I have a feeling these collars are here to stay. Who needs a necklace when you have these neck accents? Delish right?
(Forever 21 and Asos

4) Ankle Boots. 

I must admit, these have always been a little difficult for me to wear. Something about them reads very juvenile. That being said, this season I have seen tons of super kka-ute ones that I am sure I can style out proper. LOL. 

Cole Haan "Cassidy Bootie" $268
Asos $256

F21 $24

Zara $99

5) Peplum, Peplum and More Peplum.
So, if you haven't come across a peplum top or dress, then you have been living under a big huge piedra (ROCK). OK OK Just kidding, but no seriously. HELLO!  Peplum is everywhere and I must say, I love this trend. Pure Perfection. You have seen me rock a few peplum looks and a few more are to come this week. This cut gives such a perfect Coca-Cola bottle shape (yeah you know, the vintage one!)  Try it!

Those are my top 5.  What are yours?

I love everything about Fall Fashions, the layers, the styles, the shapes and the ability to rock it all.  I will miss the summer weather, but bring it on Mother Nature.  This closet is busting and ready for the chill.