Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nikki Beach and Queen Ri Ri...Nuff Said

Nikki Beach in St. Tropez was all you expect it to be.  
Great Music, Food and a Scene.  Gorgeous people (Not all but some!) and posh of the posh.  
Talk about poppin' magnum bottles at 2 in the afternoon.
Oddly enough though, it was not on the actual beach.  It was off the back road.  
Still una experiencia (an experience) to be had. 

The Men.  Supervising.  Como siempre (like always). 

La major parte de este dia (the best part of this day) had to be surprising Elisa with a Rihanna meeting. 
I had no idea the plan was to surprise Elisa (Magic's daughter) by taking her to meet her idol.  
Elisa is beyond sweet and the cutest little mama ever, so I was super excited for her, not to mention for me as well.  I love me some RIRI!  

PS: I look CRAZY in these fotos (photos) but guess what, I dont care.  
It was a very unexpected and a so worth it stop.

Rihanna fue tan (Rihanna was so) sweet, genuine, down to earth and so welcoming.

Elisa and Rihanna laughing it up. 

PSS: I had to cover my boobs so Miss Ri could focus. She hugs me and says, and I quote in her oh so sexy island accent "How dare you come on mi boat with those things!" SMILES. 
Isn't she tan caliente (so hot)? No make up, No Jazz... Just a natural beauty. 

Quieres este look? (Want this look?) 
Miss Ri is rocking a too delish Charlie by Matthew Zink look.
Make sure you check out Charlie online and follow him on instagram.  He is the sweetest.

Rihanna's body chains are by Jacquie Aiche.  Gorg work.

Capricorn, Elisa, Ri and Me. 

The Crew.  Those mujeres (ladies) were having a blast on that yacht! Love it. 

Good Girl? OR

Which do you like of Ri with the boys?? I love them both. 
Her Charlie bikini, her body, her braids, everything was tight. 
Her island estilo (style) is effortless. 
She carries any look with pride and confidence. That is key! 

This $10 H&M Frock seems huge, but it actually came in handy and fit with a flirty edge.  
Perfecto (Perfect) in an attempt to cover my puppies. 

Somehow this visit and bikini got so much press. 
I guess that is what happens when two major stars meet up. LOL.


"Let Go of the Things that make you Feel Dead! Life is worth Living" - Rihanna 

STAY CONNECTED.  More FUN FRENCH Travels to come.

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  1. nice photos! and of course rihanna looking pretty as always (:



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