Friday, August 31, 2012

Float Away

This summer has been so amazing. Even though I had a horrible allergic reaction on my last day in France, sobre todo (overall) the summer has been super espectacular (spectacular).  You can't really see it in these fotos pero (pictures but) I had hives all over my body. 

None the less, God is Good and I am alive and well. 
Though I wore this zesty get up to work, it can easily translate to a night time look.  
Perfecto for a casual dinner with friends or the man! 

Don'you just love this little denim jacket? It was only about 60 bucks (I forget exactly how much) at Zara.  Its a perfect finishing piece.  Que (what) pieces do you have in your closet that are just perfect? Fill me in. 
Dime (Tell) me how you wear those. 

(Celine bag w/ fox tail (both purchased in France), F21 flowy skirt, Zara jacket and heels.)


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