Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stripes Azules

Blogger is totally acting up! Pero (but) who said that was going to stop me? I have resolved to blogging from my phone! I have so many pics to post, but I have been running tons of errands, renovating my apartment AND GETTING READY FOR FRANCIA (FRANCE)! There is just not enough tiempo (time) in the day, sabes (you know)? And yes, you read that correctly. I am so excited to head to the South of France.

We will be sailing on the Mediterranean for a whopping diez dias (10 days). I am beyond words. I will definitivamente (definitely) be blogging y (and) instagramming from beginning to end, so make sure you stay linked in. I will be bringing you all my amazing finds! Ahhh! Feeling blessed.

Anywho, let's talk stripes! Stripes can be tricky. Usualmente yo no uso (usually I do not wear) stripes! I'm a small girl, but very busty and stripes are no bueno (not good), but this v-neck sweater allows the stripes to be sort of piece meal and not give a wide affect. Not to mention, stripes from head to toe?? Very unusual and tricky but the mix of stripes works.

(Note, wether horizontal or vertical, wide stripes DO WIDEN the body image. General rule would be to keep them thin, unless you have a v-neck or a different type of break in the stripes.)

Recuerde (Remember), play with colores (colors) and prints. Have Fun!

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