Monday, July 9, 2012

98 Degrees

The Summer has been muy caliente pero (very hot but) I must beat the heat and still look good for work.  I mean, I would love to walk around in a bikini con un (with an) inflatable pool available on demand, but that is just not possible, or is it? LOL!  
So instead I settled for a summer cool look that will allow my skin to breathe.  

Detalles (Details): Zara skirt and shoes (I absolutely love love these shoes.  They are so comfy and jazz up any look ASAP), H&M floral top and jumbled gold bead necklace.
Make up:  I am definitely not big on make up, pero (but) for the last year I have been playing up my lips because I love them.  This Stila pink lip in Exhilarating is just that.  Kinda nuts how a little detalle (detail) like a strong lip color can make you feel Viva (Alive), bold and just Exhilarated.  


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