Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Scene - St. Tropez


A French Affair - St. Tropez

Sooo I havent been able to blog for some time porque (because) I had a horrible allergic reaction my last night in France.  None the less, I am back.  Not 100% pero (but) good enough to get back on the wagon.

While on vacation, it felt as if we had todo el tiempo en el mundo (all the time in the world) yet not enough time at all.  Initially I thought I would able to blog everyday but between sunning (lol), working out, shopping y comiendo mucho (and eating alot) there just wasn't enough time.  That being said, here are some great pictures from my journey through St. Tropez.

St. Tropez

The biggest Candy Shop I have ever seen.  All of the dulces (candy) were in these giant barrels. YUM!

This cutie made me miss my Sandstar! He was just chillin in the shop.

I fell in love with the mens style in France. So polishly unpolished. 

Some of the best Pizza I have ever had.  If your in St. Tropez, check it out.  Its right across from D&G. 

A real Crepe Maker. 

Some street art at the pier.

El Look de el Dia (The days look).  
This F21 top was a perfect pick for the St. Tropez heat.  Married with high waist eyelet shorts and Zara studded flats, perfecto (perfect)

Hand made leather cuff from a small boutique in St Tropez con un (with a) JCrew bracelet. 

Zara flats.


"Travel is the only thing you Buy that makes life Richer!"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

St. Tropez

St. Tropez is all of a few blocks. Very French, Very beautiful. Whenever I visit Europa, I feel like I take a walk back in time. There is so much rich historia (history) around every corner.  The architecture, la cultura (the culture) is just so rich.  It's a very slow, chill town.  Todas las personas (all the people) have been very sweet.  

Now, to the shopping. They have all the high end shops, from D&G to Hermes.  And I did get a little regalito (gift) from Celine, which was a BONUS.   
But, this budget babe can grab great finds no matter where she goes.  I did miss the great town fair which made me super triste (sad), but I found some great small boutiques and shops among the high end collection.  Me compre (I bought) the coolest hand made leather bracelet (see below) and a few other great little treasures.  

Mis admiradores Frances (My French Admirers). These two men were so cute. 
Wise words: "Here we do a lot of this (as he shows me his glass of Limoncello) and very little JOB!"  
I love the way they think. 

Detalles (Details): Dolce Vita Sandals, Zara skirt, H&M top and Cole Haan crossbody

Delish. Cookie flavored Gelato. 



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Follow me to Francia

So, I have finally arrived and got a minute to blog.  Though we have had tons of down time, all I want to do is Relax.  Pero (but), none the less we grind...

We flew into Nice, Francia and met up with the yacht que estaba (which was) docked in Monaco.  El bote (The boat) is gorgeous, beyond words really.  Bernard Arnault actually owns the boat and if you are a fashion head like myself, then you know Mr. Arnault owns LVMH, DIOR, Givenchy, Guerlain and tons and tons of other amazing brands. This is a complete dream come true for a Fashion Amante (Lover) like myself. Anywho, Magic Johnson leases the boat every summer and this summer he kindly extended the invitation to join him and his family.  How amazing right? 

Esta chiquitita (This little girl) from Hartford has made it to Mediterranean.  Que (How) cool!  Well, I will be doing my best to journal my trip, so enjoy.

As I prepped for my trip (10 days is a long time in lady detail talk!) I said, gotz to get my nails and brows did.  Must get gel nail laquer so it can last mucho tiempo (lots of time) and I must get these brows done. I once waxed, I now thread. Ladies...It is the best thing ever. Lasts much longer then wax and you really do get used to the process. 

Day 1 - MONACO

My home for the next two weeks. The Amadeus.

H&M frock. $10...BAM

Bonjour Monte Carlo. 

The Zapatos (Shoes)

The Gear! Closet 1.