Sunday, June 10, 2012

Harlem Brunch

A new spot opened by us on 126th and Lenox called Corner Social so we figured we would try the brunch.  The restaurant design gives me a 1920's vibe.  Very "speak easy" feel.  You almost want to knock on a secret door to get in. No estoy (I am not sure) when it opened, but it's only been a few weeks so the service was not that great.  We didn't get essentials (plates for the bread basket, napkins, water refills) without asking, but all that is expected when you are just getting started.  The manager did come to the table and apologize for the service, but all the above mentioned aside, the food was pretty good.  My omelet was delightful and Eva's corn flake battered french toast was divine. 

Will I go back, Yes! We don't have many choices on the east side of Harlem YET (soon), the food was good and the decor is delightful.   With time, they will be spot on.  And La proxima ves (Next time), I will ask for the best waiter. :)


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  1. We did have a pretty fab time :) OMG I look cray-cray but that damn cornflack french toast was yummy!


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