Friday, December 30, 2011

Twist it up

Every day looks can become very stylish and cute with just a few details. For instance, I was going to the mall and put this peachy/pink old sweater on. There is nothing fancy to it. It's H&M and old.
Pues (so) I decided to wrap the lapels across one another like a wrap dress and add a leopard belt. I hiked up my jeans with small feminine cuffs and threw on my oh so comfy Cole Haan military boots. This look that was once plain is now edgy. Add a cute blazer or military green jacket and you get an extra BAM!
All in all a look that took 2 seconds to develop!

Straight Curling It!

I love changing my hair! The color. The look! I feel like hair and nails are the best features to play with. Es Como (it's like) a quick sense of self expression. A Lil while ago I decided to "go back to black" (to quote Amy Winehouse). The color is a thing I do seasonally. I never keep a color too long. That being said, I never keep my hair any one style to long either. It's curly, straight, long, short... All in a matter of days. Again, self expression. Check it out.