Friday, October 21, 2011


For Fall, I tend to always go mas oscura (darker).  I go darker with clothes, shoes and nails.  However, I always feel the need to add a bright color at some point, whether it's my scarf, gloves, accessories or nails.  Brights mean Light and Light makes me Happy!

The colors I am LOVING for Fall consist of various shades of Purples, Blues, Grays, Greens and Pink/ Bordeaux. Check it out...

Essie- Bobbling for Babbles
Essie- Carry On

Essie- Size Matters (Duh!)

What I have on now.

Though not the easiest to find in a NYC nail shop, the entire Smoke & Mirrors Collection by Zoya is Perfect for Fall.  It has every color you would want for this season.

And last but certainly not least, my #1 go to Nail MUST HAVE is the Sally Hansen Anti Chip Top Coat.  I have been using this for years and it is the best.  I have tried O.P.I, Essie, you name it, pero (but) I always go back to the best. Pick it up at any pharmacy. 

FYI: Most of the websites, Sally Hansen and O.P.I., have a cool technology that let's you try on nail colors.  O.P.I's even lets you select a skin color shade! Ahora (Now) go have FUN!



When I said I had jeans in every color, I did not lie! Here is my twist on PINK. Some of the pics make the jeans look reddish, but they are "Fuschia Pink."  I cropped in a patch of pink so you can get the idea.  The Blazer is an H&M snatch.  It doesn't have any pink in it, but 1) I never really match 2) matching is so not cool :) 3) What matters is that you look and feel AMAZING.

"When a Woman becomes her OWN best friend life is much easier." - Diane Von Furstenburg