Friday, October 7, 2011


This wine type number from Asos was super comfy and stylish.  The buttons down the front give it a masculine man shirt feel, while the shoulder detail topped with the large bow gives it that fem that is needed.  I matched it up with Cole Haan boots and BAM.  Pa la calle! (to the streets)

Check out Evan Rachel Wood at the "Ides of March" movie premiere in NYC anoche (last night).  Her wine color leather Gucci number shows you how trends hit high and low markets.  Button down style dresses and touches of femininity (large bows) are very IN.  I can't say I love this look (too much color matching for my taste), but she is rocking it pretty well. Werrrk!


Queen B

How Gorg is B? Beyond Words.
She seems to really be loving this era which is amazing, because so do I (I believe its around the 50's)! The new video for "Countdown" is like a mix between West Side Story and an olden day Glee.  The choreo, the quality of the imagery, all just perfect for the era...Perfecto (Perfect)! She is brilliant, all the while channeling our girl, Audrey Hepburn (My Besties Hero).  One of the originators of it all.