Friday, November 18, 2011

Bringing Books to El Barrio

Bringing Books to El Barrio

I love the smell of a fresh and nuevo libro (brand new book). Check out this really cool article which gives various outlooks on not only the unfortunate reality of where book stores have gone, but especially the major hit our neighborhoods have taken.

Makes me think, have real books, with pages that you can physically flip through seen their last days?

I remember having a conversation with a mom (her son is 10 years young) during the big October Snow Storm of 2011 where 85% of Connecticut lost power for at least 7 days. She was telling me how distraught and sad her son was, to the verge of tears, because he simply didn't know what to do with himself without the internet, TV or Video Games. The thought that he didn't want to play outside or a take out a board game or hmmm maybe read a book, was baffling. Have our kids lost the sense of internal mental growth? Or will them being so technically savvy make them one of the smartest generations ever? I wonder.


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