Monday, October 17, 2011

What not to WEAR

Every Dog has its day! LOL! Last week I had mine.  I rocked this cute snake print H&M dress with my Coach boots.  I am a little top heavy (okay maybe a lot) so generally I try to stick with pieces that flatter my body.  This dress DID not do that. I wore it to work anyway, cuz in the end, I wear what I WANT! 

Bueno (well) all that being said, the dress has a fitted elastic that falls right below my breast line making me look pregnant and gutty.  Note to top heavy girls... Get rid of your baby doll tops and high cinched dresses.  Flowy tops do not flatter us, they make us look bigger than we are so, have fun with your bottoms. 

Notice this picture! I am laughing so hard as a result of my photog (my honey) saying, "Babe...I am not feeling this look!"  The nerve of him! Haha.  I must agree on this one.
 Coach Boots, Gap jacket, H&M necklace

Que sera sera!


  1. I agree, I noticed cute flowy tops make me look much bigger than I am. the denim jacket adds structure to your look though and I really love those boots!!


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