Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Dot on the Map

I was in Atlanta this weekend with one of my favorite hermanas de mi alma (sisters of my soul).  She is an amazing mom, wife, sister, friend and soon to be marathoner! (Hey that should be your next tattoo! LOL! Inside joke). Just AMAZING!  We ran 5K, shopped, ate and laughed and laughed.  I wore this look to dinner that then turned into an Amazing night out on the town. I was comfy and felt youthful like back when we first met, my sophomore year in college.

 Jeans and Top F21

It's so beautiful when you can maintain a friendship no matter the distance or changes in life. Cheers to you Sheesh, my Soul Sister.  And Gracias (thank you) to you, Olive Juice, Gray and JRock for being such great hosts!


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