Wednesday, September 28, 2011 has MOVED

After using tumblr for some time, I have decided to give in and join the world as well as added a new .com name to my blog world.  Tons of people have been inquiring about my blog, but when I would say Bata and Chanclas, they would say huh? Unless of course they were Latin... That being said I would like to think of this transition as a new chapter and page in my blogger life.  My blog will now be available under two names.. Yes TWO names... One for my English speaking Loves and One for mis amores Latinas (My Latin Loves).

Introducing (Drum roll......... Please) Also Known As

In essence, the blog will stay as planned, Love, Fashion, Music, Fun y en Spanglish (and in English/Spanish).  I can't help myself.  Spanglish is just the way yo vivo (I live).  That being said, you can still go back to all of my old post by clicking on the link below, it will direct you to my old blogger page.

Click below:
Bata And Chanclas on Tumblr

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